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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crossing Media - Blog by Photographer and Videojournalist

Crossing Media - by Photographer and Videojournalist Stephenie Hollyman in NYC. Nice blog, lots of good ideas here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Free Range Librarian: The User Is Not Broken: A meme masquerading as a manifesto

Free Range Librarian: The User Is Not Broken: A meme masquerading as a manifesto by K.G. Schneider, posted June 3, 2006.


Hipcast - audio and video podcasting service for creating and posting to blogs. Posting the link here so I can find it again later to explore the website.

Found via Steve Garfield's page on squidoo.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What is CONNIE?

I got a kick out of this website: CONNIE.

From the home page:

Connie will extract, organise and index the relevant information from existing publicly available European building regulations and standards into value–added task-specific information and practical know-how for construction professionals and deliver the information as networked electronic cross-border services scalable in content across the EU. In conjunction with this the project will provide value-added news on developments related to their profession.


Then I noticed that CONNIE is an acronym for Construction News and Information Electronically. (Well, really, that's CONAIE, but why quibble?).


Monday, June 19, 2006

Presentation Zen: The "Lessig Method" of presentation

Further to the link to Dick Hardt's presentation from Oscon which I posted earlier today, here is a post courtesy of Presentation Zen on the "Lessig Method" of presentation.


I keep running into this Canadian-based blog in my travels: brainylady. I quite like the quick little peeks at her knitting projects and rants about school, but am unsure what she is studying....

Another comment spam IP address found

Oh goody!--here is another comment spammer IP address I found:

Host Name
IP Address
Country Philippines

Again, I have submitted this to Blogger. I wonder if there is a way for them to block just these IP addresses? Hmmmm....

Comment moderation enabled to reduce spam commenting

Sorry, guys. I've been spammed on this blog so have enabled the comment moderation temporarily. I do have the word verification feature set up but it appears someone is doing it manually. What I have been able to figure out from my stats is that someone from Manila is searching Google for posts on blogspot with 0 comments, and then manually posting. I have the person's IP address and have submitted it to Blogger: (Ipg)
Manila, Quezon City, Philippines, 0 returning visits

I will keep an eye out since this person possibly doesn't always post from the same IP ( I'm hoping to take the comment moderation off once this dies down.

I'm not removing those spam comments just yet in case they help track whomever is doing it down; however, I encourage you NOT to click through on the ads in the comments.

Please....I do encourage all of you REAL commenters to continue leaving your messages.


OSCON 2005 Keynote - Identity 2.0

OSCON 2005 Keynote - Identity 2.0

Thanks to Wendy Reynolds for pointing out this presentation!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stephen's Lighthouse: Conference Tips

Stephen's Lighthouse: Conference Tips

A fantastic, comprehensive list from Stephen Abram. I'm tucking this away for future reference!