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Monday, December 22, 2008

MediaFuturist: 10 quick ways to to reinvent Print Media (newspapers, magazines)

Gerd Leonhard gives us the great, succinct blog post 10 quick ways to reinvent Print Media (newspapers, magazines). Here's the quick summary--you'll have to visit his blog post to get the full explanation:

  1. Decentralize your digital assets.
  2. Participate rather than be participated.
  3. Micro-chunk. Fragment and re-aggregate.
  4. Mobilize....totally!
  5. Integrate the bloggers, the people formerly known as consumers, the professional-amateurs and UGC.
  6. Engage. Engage again. And then engage some more.
  7. Filter. Curate. Contextualize. Inter-connect.
  8. Personalize and customize.
  9. Connect me to 'strangers like me'.
  10. Dive into Freemium models.
Some great lessons for all publishers, not just the news industry.


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