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Monday, June 19, 2006

Comment moderation enabled to reduce spam commenting

Sorry, guys. I've been spammed on this blog so have enabled the comment moderation temporarily. I do have the word verification feature set up but it appears someone is doing it manually. What I have been able to figure out from my stats is that someone from Manila is searching Google for posts on blogspot with 0 comments, and then manually posting. I have the person's IP address and have submitted it to Blogger: (Ipg)
Manila, Quezon City, Philippines, 0 returning visits

I will keep an eye out since this person possibly doesn't always post from the same IP ( I'm hoping to take the comment moderation off once this dies down.

I'm not removing those spam comments just yet in case they help track whomever is doing it down; however, I encourage you NOT to click through on the ads in the comments.

Please....I do encourage all of you REAL commenters to continue leaving your messages.



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