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Monday, September 12, 2005

Toronto Star article

Before it disappears into "paid only" land, I am copying the relevant quote:

From Toronto Star, September 7, 2005, No ticket yet? Not to worry

No ticket yet? Not to worry
Online sales boost access to films
Rush Line works if you have time



Despite its reputation as audience-friendly, the festival has been fighting a growing impression that it's a closed shop, open to only those who buy their passes well in advance.

It's an impression shared by banker Anne Koski and law librarian Connie Crosby. The pair wandered into the Manulife Centre box office a few days ago seeking day passes, to no avail, since the 50-film passes ($483), various coupon books and most gala tickets sold out weeks — and in some cases months — ago.

"I'd like to participate more in the festival, but the whole process of getting tickets is such an ordeal; there are so many timelines and deadlines," said Koski.

Crosby concurred, noting that the website has "made it easier to figure out which films I'm interested in, but then you have to make it your No. 1 priority to get tickets."

Still, both women anticipate seeing up to 10 films — through the efforts of others.

"I have a friend who is involved with the film society in Timmins and she has some tickets for the weekend," said Koski. "It's ironic that somebody who lives in Toronto has to rely on somebody from Timmins to get me into film festival."



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